Neurapses Technology Partner Program (NTPP)

Neurapses Technologies Partnership Program (NTPP)

Neurapses Technologies Partnership Program (NTPP)

Neurapses Technologies Partnership Program (NTPP)

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The path to sustainability has come a long way, but there is still a lot to do as global resource demand increases. We have started to be more environmentally conscious and are finding ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment.AI and ML for Sustainable Development Goals


What is NTPP?

NTPP is a program where any entrepreneur or existing companies can partner with Neurapses to offer Products and Services of the Company without any major investment.

NTPP provides partnership opportunity to Entrepreneurs who wishes to start their own IT based company in the field of AI, ML, Software Development and Digital Marketing Services.

Scope of Partner

Sales and Marketing
Customer Acquisition
Regular Customer Feedback
Relationship Building

Who should partner with us?

IT Colleges
Digital Marketing Agencies
Software Product System Integrators
Software & IT Consultants / Consulting Companies
IT companies who lack domain expertise of AI and ML
Entrepreneurs who wish to start their business in AI, ML, IT and Software Development

Benefits to partner with us

100x ROI
High Revenue Earning Opportunity
Product Portfolio Expansion
High Technology Partner at no cost
Product and Service offering in the field of AI & ML
No Technical Expertise required for Partners
End to End Sales & Marketing Support
Support for Conversion of Deals

Scope of Neurapses Technologies

Delivery of Projects
Customer Review Meetings
Project Management
Software Product Development
Support in Negotiation and Conversion
Marketing and Sales Support
Digital Marketing Activities and Social Media Posts

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