Enhance Your Learning with Advanced AI and ML Solutions

Enhance Your Learning with Advanced AI and ML Solutions

Enhance Your Learning with Advanced AI and ML Solutions


Make your learning better and easier with our Advanced AI & ML Solutions.

Software Services for the Education Industry

The prospect of using artificial intelligence in education to improve learning, assist teachers, and fuel more effective personalized learning is exhilarating. In combination, with high-quality learning materials and instruction, artificial intelligence can help students learn better and faster.

Lesson Planning

We at Neurapses with artificial intelligence, can make lesson scheduling easy for learners by scheduling revisions and tasks on priority basis or understanding level using data analytics.

Recommendation System

At Neurapses, AI-based recommendation system can understand the unique behaviour of each individual and uses a hybrid recommendation model to suggest the technology and courses, students can learn based on their interest.

AI-based Learning management system (LMS)

We at Neurapses have centralized software solution designed for lead management, documenting, monitoring, reporting, automating, attendance tracking, batch creation, certificate generation & many more.

Transcription and translation of Faculty Lectures

At Neurapses, we use advanced AI & NPL to convert recorded sessions of lectures, research interviews, and group studies into texts. In addition to transcription, live translation of lectures or recorded sessions makes content available on a global scale.

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