Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

AI & ML Solutions

Analyzing Data to derive insights & make predictions with our
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

Why AI & ML?​

Every time when you open the browser or if you scroll through a news feed, someone will be writing about machine learning, its impact on humans and about its advancement in technology. A large number of research organizations and companies are defining machine learning as the future.

We use a simple form of machine learning everyday in our mailbox. For example, when we read the emails of our mailbox in the morning, we decide to mark that ‘Win a Free Car if You Click Here’ email as ‘spam’. The next time computer knows to do the same thing and mark such emails as spam and redirects it to a separate folder. In simple words, Machine learning is comprised of algorithms that train computers to perform tasks that human beings do naturally on a daily basis.

Our Services​

Manual analysis and data extraction from physical and digital documents take about 60% more time than using an OCR (optical character recognition) software/system, AI-powered machine vision software. Businesses can use that time to focus on more crucial tasks such as decision making and strategising, giving your company a competitive edge to be at the top of the game.

Recommendation systems are powerful ML-based tools widely used by retailers and have applications in every industry. A recommendation system aims at analysing and predicting users interests and recommend product items that quite likely are interesting for them. They have shown to increase customer engagement by 70% and increase the total sales by 50%.

Why choose Neurapses Technologies?

  • Customizable recommendation system according to your product and users.
  • We provide recommendation system powered emails to re-engage customers​.
  • Our recommender system is highly efficient and will not only improve user experience but also boost the sales by more than 50%​.
Image processing is the process of editing and enhancing an image. It is related to computer vision and more precisely, with computer vision, it refers to critical applications of pattern recognition, including object & facial recognition, scene understanding etc. We provide high-quality images processing services at cheap rates. We are a fast and reliable company with high-caliber technical skill set, that can deliver quality outputs in no time.
OCR is helping organizations by converting documents from paper to paperless form. This digital transformation has made the retrieval of the required information much ease, as one does not need to invest their time going through piles of documents and files to search for the required information.​

Benefits of AI & ML

Building Accuracy in Pricing Models

Improving the Demand Forecasts in Retail

Detect & Prevent Fraud in Real-Time

Generate Real-Time Targeted Advertising on Websites

Preventing Food Shortages by Predicting Crop Yields

Process Flow

Training Data




Model Development

Generate Predicted Data

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