Transforming the Retail Industry with AI and ML

Transforming the Retail Industry with AI and ML

Transforming the Retail Industry with AI and ML


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Software Services for the Retail Industry

AI in retail is improving demand forecasting. AI business intelligence tools forecast industry shifts and end up making proactive changes to a company’s marketing by mining insights from the marketplace, consumer, and competitor data.

AI powered content curation

We at Neurapses can help to recommend curated experiences based on customers’ unique tastes. The longer a user utilizes a service, the more data the machine learning system can use and the more accurate the content suggestions become.

Recommendation System

With our customizability, we can add features such as email marketing powered by a recommender system and target a specific audience with it. We can assist to get higher customer engagement & retention and get a higher click-through ratio.

Dynamic Pricing

With AI and ML-powered algorithms, retail companies can reduce costs, turn eco-friendly and boost productivity. We at Neurapses can help you to set dynamic pricing, which is used as a result of the observance of data based on customer behaviour.

Optical Character Recognition

Our OCR systems are helping companies scan and extract data from a bill, packing list, purchase order, inventory order & more. Our OCR system provides operations to SMEs and medium enterprises for daily interactions online.

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