Portal access to your Business Partners worldwide.


Why Cloud for SAP?

Your in-house installation of SAP is critical to your business operations running smoothly every day. Our existing SAP interfaces let you export your Documents securely to our Cloud. Once in the Cloud, you then decide the level of access to your Business Partner, be it Customers you want to provide access to invoices or your Employees to their HR documents.

What are the features our Business Partner Portal provides?

  •   Business Partner Document Library.
  •   Mass communication to Business Partners via SMS, Email, Social Media, Instant Messaging.
  •   Business Partner Self Registration.
  •   Easy-to- Use Dashboard for complete control and monitoring over users.

How well do we understand SAP?

  •   Re-use your SAP master data fields (PERNRs, KUNNRs etc.).
  •   Interface based Integration to SAP.
  •   Monitoring of SAP outbound interface from our Cloud.
  •   Re-run your outbound interface anytime from the Cloud.

Other salient features include the following.

  •   Look & Feel customization to match your Corporate identity.
  •   UI based Administration ability.
  •   Dashboard to monitor usage, cost and technical logs.
  •   99.9% Uptime.
  •   24x7 Technical Support.
  •   Backups of your data.

What is pricing plan?

  •   We aim to provide the service at a cost that is more economical to you than doing internally within your IT landscape. Also, you only pay for the features you use.
  •   Contact us to know more.