AI and ML solutions in different Industries

AI and ML solutions in different Industries

AI and ML solutions in different Industries

ml solutions


ML Solutions

AI and ML solutions

AI and ML solutions banking


Banks can increase their competitiveness by implementing Automation and Intelligent transaction processing. Banks are using machine capabilities to improve operations, scale, and save costs through AI-driven automation. AI has improved customer experience by eliminating long queues and immediate in hand services in banking sector.



Retail is one of the fastest growing industry and to keep up with increasing database and repetitive tasks it takes huge amount of money if done of manually and is still error prone and consumes a lot of time which is better spent in creative tasks and decision making. With AI and ML powered algorithms retail companies can reduce cost, turn eco-friendly and boost productivity

At Neurapses, we have created customer-specific ML models that target special business metrics while conducting Marketing Campaigns. 

Tax and Accounting

Tax and accounting can be a tedious task to handle. Not only does it require utmost precision but also it is equally important to produce accurate results without error. With the help of ML and AI tax and accounting a given series of data can be accelerated by inputting the relevant data into the software. Classifying each document separately, defining the taxonomy of the data and extracting the relevant information from the data- get it done under a single frame of services at Neurapses.​


AI has totally changed the landscape of finance industry from its very chain of command to final decision making.AI has benefitted finance a lot in many ways such as : Predictive analysis of stocks, Automation of tasks improving workflow, fraud detection, ease of access by centralization and much more

AI and ML services from Neurapses are suitable for enterprises of any size. Be it a start-up or an established financial organization, we have made suitable models to let you take the benefits of these transformational technologies. 

Legal Services

With vast amount of complex and highly technical data legal industry can benefit the most from AI and ML programs , Which can throughly review litigation documents and anakyse risks and key facets of a contract which saves a lot of time and greatly increases productivity of legal companies.With predictive capabilities the legal firms can ease their clients stress by analyzing and predicting their chances of victory.​


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by automating and managing the repetitive tasks and with predictive technology for certain deadly diseases improving overall services and ultimately extending life expectancy.

Predictive analysis from vast datasets of patients gives insights to doctors and medical professionals which improves the reactivity of the medical ecosystem and can target key areas of  patient care.

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