End to end solution for Document processing.


Why automated document processing?

Paper-based document management is weighing companies down, this leads to several backend problems. That is why automated document processing is extremely useful and a must-have technology for all such companies where incoming data is at a high volume. It acts as a game-changer for the organizations who rely on manual data entry which leads to various losses. Some of the evident benefits of automated document processing have been:

Reduce headcount

Reduce Processing time

Reduce Storage space of documents

Reduce Human Errors

Increase Reliability, Accuracy, and Security

Strong data management.

Faster Statistical Analytics by Information extraction

Easy access to information

Process Flow of automated document processing

Import forms, documents, Bills, receipts etc. in the form of scanned images through Scanner or Mobile Phones.
Automated Classification is done based on:
  • Type
  • Content
  • Priority
  • Format
  • Department
Required Information is extracted using Machine Learning. For exp. In Receipts the following can be extracted

  • Date
  • Receipt No.
  • Invoice No.
  • Customer No.
  • Account No.
  • Item name
  • Value
  • Signature
Validation of the information extracted is done automatically or manually.
Required Information is integrated with the existing ERP systems(Accounts).
Data Analysis is done to derive meaningful insights from the extracted information resulting in better decision making .

What do you want to do?

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Automated Receipt Data Extraction & Processing

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Automated Invoice Data Extraction & Processing

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Automated Text Data Extraction & Processing

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Automated Form Data Extraction & Processing

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Automated Document Classification

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Automated Email Data Extraction & Analytics